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At KappAhl there are roughly 4,000 co-workers working with everything from design and sales to marketing and IT, in different parts of the world. Together, we sell hundreds and thousands of items every day. Whatever field we work in, we all share the same goal of putting the customer in focus.

Meet some of our co-workers here.

The IT department, Lizett Isaak

Lizett Isaak has worked at KappAhl’s IT department at the headquarter in Mölndal for two years.

Working at a headquarter means being close to the business and a breadth in the IT system flora that Lizett appreciates. “The everyday job at the IT department is a lot of fun," she says, and emphasizes the big and rapid changes that characterize the clothing industry at the moment: “They create many new opportunities, not least on the IT side.”

"I am proud of the work we do"

About me

Name: Jonna Söderberg.
Job title: Designer at Woman.
What inspires me: Family, friends, music and interior design.
My style: Ideally big tops and garments with well-devised details. I like simple, sustainable fashion that lasts.

My job

"As designer, I work with other designers and our creative designer at Woman to develop overarching influences and market analyses that we feel will inspire our customer. Based on these, we create an assortment for each season alongside teams of buyers, pattern-makers and assistants. I select fabrics, washes and sketches with my assistant.

Fit and silhouette are key, so I work closely with my pattern-maker, who makes the patterns and measurements. Throughout the entire process of creating an assortment, my buyer and I conduct reviews and create plans together. It’s important to have a strong consensus on our goals.

Besides being a place that gives me an outlet for my creative sides, I like working in such close teams as we do here. As a company, KappAhl’s values and goals match my own when it comes to environmental issues and human rights. I am proud of the work we do. I find it truly inspiring to work towards the same goals together as a team, and to have a consensus around what we want to achieve. Everyone has the expertise we need to create the best product at the right time. And obviously it feels good to have such great people around – there’s a lot of laughter, which is really energizing!

"No day is ever the same and it's all very fast paced"

Sara Schönborg - Buyer at KappAhlAbout me

Name: Sara Schönborg.
Job title: Buyer at KappAhl head office. Educated in textile economics.
Interests: Seeing friends, sewing, working out and mucking around in my garden.
What inspires me: "Everything! People, blogs, magazines."
My style: "My style depends on my mood. I love to have an accessory that stands out."

My job

"Working as a buyer suits me as I love the creative part of being part of deciding what the KappAhl products will look like, and I also like working with numbers.

I plan the selection with my designer, count the volumes, negotiate with various suppliers and decide who will produce the products. I also decide when the products are to go out to stores and how much they will cost. You need to be able to juggle a lot of things at the same time!

As a buyer you have to be creative, flexible, handle stress well and be able to come up with new solutions and to rethink when something doesn't work out the way you wanted it to. Because that will definitely happen!

I'm in contact with suppliers abroad on a daily basis and travel quite a bit, for example to our production offices in Bangladesh, India and China where I meet with suppliers and co-workers. I also travel to see new trends and get inspiration for future collections.

The job is very varied. No day is ever the same, it's a very fast paced environment and I'm constantly learning new things. It's a great feeling when something you have believed in turns out to be a great success. That's like a receipt for having done a good job.

Seeing someone in the street wearing an item that you have created is very inspiring."

"I see every customer as a friend who needs help"

Petteri Nyman - KappAhlAbout me

Name: Petteri Nyman.
Job title: Sales Assistant at KappAhl in Finland.
Interests: Watching football, working out, running.
What inspires me: "Helping customers to find the right item of clothing and seeing how grateful they are."
My style: Preppy casual. "I like our Hampton Republic 27 collection."

My job

"I love my job as a sales assistant! I like to dress well and look great. I always have, and now I get to work with that on a daily basis.

I'm good with people and I like to talk and have a laugh. A great tip is to think of each customer as a friend who needs help. For example, I recently helped a customer who was looking for something to wear for a dinner party. She was looking for something very last minute and was incredibly happy with the clothes that I suggested. Getting positive feedback from customers means the world to me – it's really great to see how happy they are when they find the right clothes.

As a sales assistant it's important to be flexible. You have to always be willing to drop whatever you are doing to help a customer. Restocking the store can be done later, but our customers should be helped immediately!

We are a great team working together in the store and we have many lovely customers. Every day is different to the next – there's no typical day at work when you are a sales assistant. We often hear from customers that they like KappAhl's prices and great service. That's the reason why they come back over and over."

As a sales assistant it's important to be flexible. Restocking can be done later, but our customers should be helped immediately!

"I really like my job – I'm a visual merchandiser and sales assistant all at the same time!"

Agnieszka Bartoszek - Visual Merchandiser at KappAhl in PolandAbout me

Name: Agnieszka Bartoszek-Świerzak.
Job title: Visual merchandiser at KappAhl in Poland.
Interests: Craft work and styling.
What inspires me: "I want to learn from the best to be even better at what I do!"
My style: "I love KappAhl's jeans , and I have many pairs in different styles."

My job

"A visual merchandiser should be passionate, creative, ambitious, flexible and communicative. That's something I strive for both in my professional life and my personal life.

I really like my job – I show the products and sell them all at the same time you could say.
I'm always looking for new, efficient ways to increase sales, which means it's important how we display the products.

I plan the environment in the store so that it's as appealing as possible. I know what products should be changed around, what new things are on their way and how to display them. It's important to create the right combinations of clothes on the mannequins so that it's easy to shop and inspire the customers.

My career at KappAhl started when they opened a new store here in Zgorzelec in Poland. I came with a friend who was going for an interview so I took my CV with me, in case I got the opportunity to introduce myself. A week later I got a job offer! I started as a sales assistant and it wasn't long until I was promoted to visual merchandiser. I enjoyed being a sales assistant but I would always watch the work of the visual merchandisers.

It was interesting to see how much the customers were impacted to buy, depending on how the visual merchandisers placed the products around the store and how they styled the mannequins. When I was chosen to attend KappAhl's training course for future visual merchandisers, it was really a dream come true!"

"Having a large network in different countries is so much fun"

Anders Tandberg Business Controller at KappAhl NorwayAbout me

Name: Anders Tandberg.
Job title: Business controller at KappAhl head office in Norway.
Interests: Seeing my family and the outdoors.
What inspires me: "Seeing the results of the work that we do."
My style: "Well I'm an economist so I wear a lot of blue shirts. I like our Hampton Republic 27 collection."

My job

"I like to work with numbers and people, so my job as business controller really suits me.

I work with all of KappAhls's stores in Norway and I help develop their budgets and follow up on key figures. For example if a store doesn't meet the expected sales development targets, we take a look at why that might be. What does the store look like? Do they not have enough stock? Do they have too much stock?

We look at the stores in Norway in all areas of business, analyse issues and give support to solve them. We are a small organisation here at the office in Fredrikstad, so the work load is very varied.

During the years I've worked at KappAhl my interest for retail has increased. I've learned a lot about our industry and what's important to KappAhl's business. Even those of us that don't work in the stores always have their focus on the needs and interests of the customers.

In my job I am in contact with store managers on a daily basis, and also with area managers and co-workers in other countries. Meeting a lot of people and having a large network in many different countries is great fun and very inspiring. KappAhl is a work place where you develop."

More sustainable fashion in your wardrobe

More sustainable fashion in your wardrobe

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